Create your own photo custom link to A pretty Woman here

Instead of the usual banner links, here you can design your own custom links, or banner(s), to A pretty Woman. You choose exactly how the link should be designed, (using our easy online form here), based on the our most popular girls, or based on new girls, or a combination of both. After your customers click on the thumbnail photos on your website they go directly to her profile page on our site.

Every week we update the listings, so you will always get the most recent popular girls and/or the latest new girl listings on your site, automatically as we do our updates. You do not have to do any weekly changes, your thumbnails, and corresponding links change, as we change our records. Therefore, there is no risk that your customers will click to an outdated link, in other words, a lady that has been removed because she has gotten engaged or married.

Your customers will love being able to go directly to the profile page of ladies they see on your site and your site stays continually updated and interesting, because we keep it updated, and more orders for addresses and ultimeately more commission or you.

Below you can click on some examples to give you some ideas as to what can be done, and then make generate your own photolink code.

Example 1 - 12 photo link, 50% scaling, most popular girls

Example 2 - 1 photo link, most popular girl 200% scaling

Example 3 - 30 photo link, new girls 100% scaling

Example 4 - 200 photo link, 60% scaling, most popular girls spawn a new window

Example 5 - 200 photo link, 100% scaling, most popular girls spawn a new window

Generate your photolink code here