Setting up your professional dating site

Follow these easy steps to set up your new site:

1. Decide on a name for your new site (more click).
2. Register a unique URL at one of the domain name registrars (more click).
3. Register with us as an associate (more click).

1. Decide on a name for your new site.

The name of your site is important. It should be short, easy to remember, easy to spell and difficult to confuse with other names of existing sites.

If possible, keep the name of your company the same as the url of your site. For example, "Love from across the oceans" and the url "" is good, because the company name and url have the same spelling, and if they both are spelled the same way its easy for your customers to remember. Before you decide you may first want to check the domain registrars to see what domain names (urls) are available. Click for Networksolutions

Register a unique URL (domain name) at one of the domain name registrars.

We recommend that you register a ".com", but you can register any extension, for example:
.net .org .ru .nl .tv

Remember that most of the one word domain names have already been used so you will either have to think of a very original word or combine 2 or more words together.
It's usually better to combine words without "hyphens": is usually better choice than:

or you can register both combinations: and

This way your customers can type in your url with hypens or without hypens and they will still reach your site.

We will set up your site so that your customers will be able to access it with or without "www", for example:
If you register this domain name:

Customers will reach your site if they type in any one of these below:
and you can advertise any one of these possibilities to your customers.

Try to aviod words that can easily be misspelled. If you still want to use these words register the misspelled words, too, so people can still get to your site.

If you register something like this:
then register this too:

That way people will still find your site even if they type in the name incorrectly.
then you should consider also regiestering:

You can register a ".com" domain at one of these registrars (and they will also be able to tell you if the domain name (url) is available:
Go Daddy

Important!When you go to register your domain name its important that the DNS (domain name server) is set correctly. In other words, you have to tell the registering company where you want your new domain to point. Usually they will have their own domain name servers that will do this (and in this case, if you choose to use their domain name servers) then you have to create two A records, one origin A record and one "www" A record. Both must resolve to this IP address:

If they do not have a DNS server for you to use, you can use any other DNS servers, or you can use our DNS servers. In this case you will have to tell the registrar the name and/or IP addresses of the DNS servers. If you use our DNS servers then give the registrar this information:
Primary DNS name: and IP:
Secondary DNS name: and IP:

If you decide to use some other DNS you will have to give the registrar the DNS IP addresses (usually two addresses) and you will have to give the system administration of the DNS our IP address which is If you were not asked anything about DNS settings (or IP address) when you registered your domain name, you will have to log in again and make these changes. Your site will not work unless this information has been entered at the registrar.

We cannot do this for you. You will have to do this yourself when you register the name. If its not done your site will not work, so please make sure you do it. When this has been set up it can take up to 48 hours for your site to work. This is called propogation delay, as this information has to propogate throughout the internet before you site can work correctly.

Note! If your domain name is already registered and is presently pointing to another web server, you will have to change the IP address at the DNS server to Contact the system adminisrator of the DNS servers to make this change or change the DNS server settings at the domain registrar to use our DNS servers or some other DNS servers of your choice. If you are using our DNS servers please read 3 paragraphs up for the details. Do not simply do a redirect from the existing site, this will not work. If somebody registered the name for you and you are not sure where to get started, contact this person (or company) to make these changes. If you still are unable to make these changes, you will have to abandon this domain name, choose a new domain name and register it, by following the procedure above click

3. Register with us as an associate.

New Associates
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Existing Associates
If you have previously registered with us as an associate, you can use your existing account for your new site, you will not have to register again.
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