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If you are looking for a girl and have some special requirements, or you are just too busy to write letters and you would prefer to have the girls make the first contact with you, then a personal listing is an excellent way to start off your correspondence.

We will accept listings for almost any reason, provided or course, that the reason to meet is legal. In other words you may not be looking for romance but simply looking to correspond with someone with similar interests, provides an ideal way to meet that person, if the girls does not have what you are looking for, she might know of somebody that does.

It works like this. You send us your information, include a photo (preferably color for best results), tell us about yourself and something about the girls you would like to meet. This can be emailed to us or you can use regular mail. The photo can be sent as an email attachment.

Once a month we send out your letter and photo to 1,000 ladies. The following month we choose another 1,000 girls and so on every month for four months. What makes this work so well is the personalized nature of regular mail. A letter arriving in the mailbox is far more effective than an advertisement in a magazine. The girls who receive the letters show them to their friends and family, so for each girl that receives a letter, on average, she will show your listing to five other ladies, so you can multiply this amount by five for a total of 5,000 ladies.

There are two plans available, the basic personal listing and the premium personal listing.

Basic personal listing
4,000 letters are sent out over a 4 month period. The effect is that your letters reach approximately 20,000 ladies.
Price $150.00

Premium personal listing
12,000 letters are sent out over a 12 month period. This effectively reaches 60,000 ladies.
Price $350.00

Remember that if you purchase a deluxe membership you get a basic personal listing included free. A VIP membership includes a premium personal listing. This is explained on our order form page.


I want to take a moment to thank you for your excellent service at 'a pretty woman' ......for the nominal fee you charge, it has been fascinating to enjoy so many responses from ladies in Russia and Ukraine. I have received letters and emails from dozens of ladies ranging in age from 19 to 39.....on occasion I even get a telephone call. It has been a delightful surprise for me to enjoy the attention of these ladies and I have been impressed by their sincerity and depth of education and character. I do not have a high opinion of the shallow, territorial, typical western feminist and the attitude of the Russian ladies that I have met is a refreshing change of pace. I have become engaged to a lady from Siberia and am in the process of organizing a fiancée visa to America now. I highly recommend your service to anyone in my same circumstance."

- R. K. -
Sammamish, WA USA


I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude for the outstanding, professional service provided by Aprettywoman. The website is user-friendly and simply perfect for anyone who is seeking a partner. This site sets the standard of excellence, for others to emulate. The calibre of women are categorically unmatched. I cannot perceive anyone being dissapointed by any area in this service. I had the opportunity to email and speak with some of the most intelligent and kind women in this world.
Any man desiring, a youthfully mature, and beautiful mate should not hesitate to secure the services of Aprettywoman. This service is unequaled in the industry (I did examine other services). Any assistance that you may need will be met with the most courteous and discreet service. The sincere assistance, particularly of Shené Claassen, is an exercise in sophistication and professionalism. I highly recommend this service to anyone seeking a partner."

- M. P. -
New York, USA.

"In searching to find an interesting, honest and beautiful woman, out of the ordinary materialistic limits, but very sensitive, romantic, sincere and also highly spititual and emotional, I never expected I could find so much help, instructions and good advises from Shené, Debbie and all "APW" personnel, to carry out this search.

Since I place my profile through a personal listing, I received so many replies by e-mail and regular mail, I could not believe it! And whenever I needed any help from "" staff, it was direct and instant, without any delay, with no extra cost, and always useful.

Most, I can say almost all Russian women, are educated, have high traditional and moral volumes, are really beautiful, with this pure original characteristic clear impressive beauty of older seasons, they are all working, they are all looking just for a honest, reliable man, to create a family with, based on pure feelings and mutual respect and only secondary to a financial stability.

Congratulations (once more!) for your excellent, serious and friendly service, thanks a lot in helping me find my "Miss Right" and I wish you my best for evolution and prosperity in your personal life and to continue this "social offering job" of yours, in the same human way.

I highly recommend all single men worlwide, to trust, believe, and rely on "" high quality reliable service and by the way, to trust and rely on Russian women's not only outer but also inner high qualities too!

From my side I recognize how difficult it is to select some of these women closer to my expectations, and how incredibily difficult it is for every man to choose his - closest to his expectations - partner. Most are simply perfect!

My special thanks to Shené and Debbie for their personal, friendly advises!"

- M. A. -
Athens, Greece.

"I would like to take this time and give you my thanks and compliment on the great service I have received after my listing was posted on A Pretty Woman. Since I was posted, I have received many e-mails from beautiful women all over Russia. I have enjoyed writing to these girls learning about their home, and telling them about Alaska. Its hard trying to narrow it down to one woman when all of them are special. I still receive a letter from a new woman about every week. I find that I have alot of the same interests and hobbies here in Alaska as the girls do in their home country. I'm looking forward to the day that I travel to Russia and meet my new partner in person. American women could learn from the Russian women. Many special thanks to Shené, and the staff of A Pretty Woman for making this happen for me. The staff does an outstanding job and I would like to say Thank You very much."

- J. C. -
Wasilla, AK, USA.

"Shene, I could use the bottle of wine to help celebrate my engagement to a very wonderful lady from Moscow. I sent 4 emails out. I had one reply (the one I was most hoping for). Nadya has visited me in the US and I am going to Mocow at the end of June to get married. Not only is she beatiful and educated but she is gentle, caring, and has a great sense of humor as well as most of the other qualities I was looking for in a partner. My name can be taken off your search list as well as hers. She will request that I am sure. My life has changed dramatically in the past months. Thank You."

- L. O. -
New Brighton, MN, USA.

"I would like to thank you for your quality service. Shortly after placing my personal listing I started to receive e-mail responses and later postal letters. To my surprise most of the women are young, intelligent, educated and speak the English language very well. I am truly impressed with the quality of your service. I would highly recommend this service to anyone. Again thank you."

- M. B. -
Louisville, KY. USA.

"A few months ago, I purchased a Personal Listing from I hoped to receive a few responses, and I have been pleasantly surprised. I have received dozens of responses, and more responses continue to pour in. I am very impressed with the quality and variety of the ladies who have responded to my ad. These Russian and Ukrainian ladies are intelligent, attractive, traditional, and family-oriented, which is a refreshing change from the extremely feminist, materialistic American women whom I have had the misfortune to date. I am pleased with this service, and I have recommended it to several of my friends."

- B. S. -
Port Charlotte, FL, USA.

"Since Joining "A pretty woman" I have been corresponding with dozens of beautiful, interesting and truly sweet women. I have several standing invitations for when I go over to Russia and hope to do that soon. I am in the process of getting a divorce, an unpleasant experience. I see light at the end of the tunnel, partially because of A Pretty Woman I have been dating American women for several months now and have noticed the great difference in the words of these ladies who are in Russia. As a busy executive, there is only so much time in the day for me. My correspondence with these people by email has set the groundwork for something that could last the rest of my life!!"

- J. R. -
Westport, CT, USA.

"It would be a pleasure to provide praise for your operation.

I admit initial skepticism, but just 4 days after my personal listing was published, I started to receive e-mail responses from intelligent, lovely women in Russia and the Ukraine. Responses by regular mail have also begun to arrive. I am truly impressed with the level service, courtesy and infinite patience of the staff of A Pretty Woman. All other services pale by comparison. I recommend it highly. I think my search for my Pretty Woman will soon be over."

- D. B. -
Baltimore, MD, USA.

"Hello Shene,

Having found no luck in relationships with American women, I turned to in the hopes of meeting a woman of quality. The responses to my personal listing have been numerous and I have enjoyed meaningful correspondence with a number of beautiful, sensitive, and intelligent Russian women. I look forward to the day that I meet the woman I will marry, and urge all American men who seek a quality woman for marriage to consider as a viable alternative."

- C. S. -
El Segundo, CA, USA

"As a young, single American man I just wasn't meeting enough quality, single American women. When I discovered "A Pretty Woman" introductory service on the Internet, I discovered an easy and practical way to search for a potential mate from among the beautiful, high-caliber women of Russia and Ukraine . Within days of posting my profile through the Personal Listing service, I was receiving dozens of letters with photos from friendly women who were eager to contact me. Before the end of my membership term through A Pretty Woman, well over a hundred women had written letters to me. Most of the letters were written in English and many included a personal e-mail address, and sometimes a phone number, of each of the woman who wrote them. Because of this, A Pretty Woman service made contact with each woman very quick and convenient. The women who subscribe to this service seem to be intelligent, successful, and have integrity as well as beauty. I am glad to say that these women are definitely NOT the ones who are rumored to be desperate and insincere, anxious to escape their country while taking advantage of single (and hopeful) Western men.

There were so many women who wanted to contact me that I had to be selective. To this date, I am still talking to and corresponding with a wonderful, and very interested, Russian woman whom I met through this service. I am anticipating flying to her country to meet her in person sometime in the Spring or Summer of 2002.

I believe A Pretty Woman is the best value in international introduction services that I have personally come across. Thanks so much!"

- B. D. -
California, USA

"A few months ago, I purchased a Personal Listing through A pretty Woman introduction agency, to correspond with Russian and Ukrainian ladies. Within two months of my purchase, I started to receive answers to my listing. Now, a few months later, I can only state that the quantity and quality of replies by Email and regular post have been a little overwhelming. On occasion I have had some questions that the staff at A Pretty Woman have answered promptly and completely. I would not hesitate to recommend this service to anyone, I am very satisfied with the excellent value for my money. I have one piece of advice to anyone considering this service - don't delay, do it today."

- J. H. -
London, Ontario, Canada.

"Placing a personal ad put me in contact with so many women from over in Russia and other countries in that area. It seems that I hear from at least one or two new women every day! If you want to get a lot of responses I highly recommend placing a personal listing."

- J. K. -
Truckee, California USA

"Though I did not really expect anything to come out from the PERSONAL LISTING service of A Pretty Woman I went for it and never regretted it. About 2 month after my request was sent I started to receive by e-mail letters from Russian ladies all of them referring to that PERSONAL LISTING. After some time I also received postal letters collected by A Pretty Woman most of them in English. I am satisfied with this service and I will extend it."

- K. K -
Mecidiyeköy-Ýstanbul, Turkey


Just an update on my correspondence with Angelina. We are meeting in Athens or Cyprus in April. April will be one years worth of correspondence. It has been a great correspondence to this point. You were right about being patient. The personal ad your company did for me was unbelievable in the amount of responses I received from so many diverse ladies. Angelina speaks wonderful English and we have great conversations by phone. If anyone asks me about your services, I would recommend taking out the personal ad. I've had hundreds of letters from bright, educated, and beautiful ladies of all ages. I will be ordering the Fiancee visa preparation kit in a few days too, as I wish to be prepared when we meet. Thanks for the early ongoing encouragement and support and great job in distributing the ads to so many wonderful ladies. I'll let you know how things go after the trip!"

- K. C. -
Eatonville, WA USA

"Dear Shené,

I want to thank you for the service I've received from your agency. The women I have talked with over the phone and the ones I've emailed have been great. The women do not seem to be hung up on age, they just want to be loved. The women are so pretty! I visited Kiev in March, 2003 for two weeks and had a wonderful time! I met several ladies and I plan to go back in August 2003. I have not been to one of the socials yet but plan on attending one in August. Even though I have not met my soul mate yet your service has been wonderful. I have real hope now and believe that through your agency I will find my true friend, wife and lover! I know she will be more family oriented and appreciate me more than the women I have met in the U.S.A. I truly believe my trip in August will be a success for me and I can write back saying I found a wonderful pretty woman and she is my wife. I have never regretted placing my personnel listing. I get a lot of responses. I do not answer them all, but the quality of women are what I have been looking for the last 12 years of being single in America."

- L. B. -
Sand Springs, OK, USA.

"Dear Shené,

I highly recommend the VIP service with A Pretty Woman. For starters, Debbie and Shené were very responsive to all of my correspondence. I have received a steady flow of letters from sincere ladies all over the FSU. In fact, one of the first letters I received was from a wonderful lady with whom I corresponded for over 6 months before I went to see her. We are now in the process of arranging for her fiancée visa...

I wish you good luck in your search!"

- J. M. -
Monterey, CA, USA.

"I would highly recommend "A Pretty Woman" introductory service to any man truly in search for his potential soul mate. As a young, single American man I was having a difficult time meeting quality, single American women. A demanding career was one of many contributing factors to my dilemma. After discovering "A Pretty Woman" introductory service on the Internet and after comparisons with other agencies, I was impressed and convinced of the integrity of the company behind the web site and quality of service from the staff that I decided to purchase a personal listing. The staff at "A Pretty Woman" has been very responsive and helpful with any questions that I may have had. I soon started receiving many letters with photos from friendly, sincere, well-educated, caring and beautiful women who were eager to contact me. Nearly all of the letters were written in English and included a personal e-mail address and sometimes a phone number which has made correspondence with them very convenient and allowed for a quick response to their letters. I believe that "A Pretty Woman" provides a great value in the field of international introduction services. Thanks so much!"

- L. G. -
Broad Brook, CT, USA.

"To "A Pretty Woman"

I just wanted to take a moment to compliment your organization for its courteous, professional and dignified presentation of a Russian dating service. The website is convenient, user-friendly and artfully portrayed. The women are absolutely gorgeous, intelligent, sophisticated and honest. I have explored other sites and have been disappointed. I did meet a delightful young woman and we shared marvelous adventures in Paris and in Italy over a one year period. It would appear that she will be coming to the US in the next few weeks and we shall see where this new adventure takes us. I met her through "A Pretty Woman".

I would urge any man seeking a sophisticated, mature (though often youthful), highly intelligent, beautiful and multi-faceted female to post a profile on this site. I, personally, found it easier to receive letters than to send "snail-mail." The website is quite genuine, very well managed and "scamming" is not likely to occur here. Any questions or concerns are addressed with alacrity and sincerity. I would strongly urge you gentlemen to start and stop your search with A Pretty Woman."

- L. H. -
Denville, NJ, USA.

"Shené, Thank you. I have several new friends in Russia thanks to your excellent organisation. Four are in regular contact by e-mail, among them another doctor keen to exchange ideas, a translator fluent in English, and a charming lady in the eastern part of the country, who like me, has recently lost a partner. These are real people, warm, intelligent, good-humoured and aware, happy to set communication at whatever level is appropriate for a growing friendship. With plans to tour Russia in the next few months I have invitations to meet some of the nicest people I have come across in my life. Many thanks for your cheerful, personal and efficient help."

- J. K. -
Cheltenham, United Kingdom.

"Shené, The Personal Listing has expanded the possibility of meeting the right woman. Admittedly, I had under estimated the impact it could have. However, this perspective has changed. The service provided by your agency is one that deals with the matters of the heart, so it is greatly appreciated when you take it serious enough to provide quality advantages to its members. Thank you for your kind assistance at making a new start in life."

- S. C. -
Johor, Malaysia.

"Shene, I would really like to thank you for putting a spark back into my life. I am 63 years old and when I went thru a divorce at this age, I thought that finding another woman would be next to impossible. Then I saw your add in the newspaper about Russian Woman. I opened up your web site and could not believe the amount of beautiful woman that were there. I went thru and picked out 8 girls that I had chemistry for and sent them my picture and profile. After two weeks went by and I hadn't had any replies, (since then I found out that it takes approx. 3 weeks for the mail to reach them in Russia) I was a little disappointed. A couple of days later I got a e-mail from you saying that you had sent my profile out to the women. The next day I had 3 e-mails. By the next week I was having trouble answering all the e-mails. What was really nice was that you knew that any one that was writing to me must have chemistry for me or they wouldn't be writing? I hit it off with one of the first gals that wrote to me. We are now working on our 146th e-mail and I am planing on one of the tours to meet her. I would suggest to anyone no matter what their age is, to join this program and put that spark in their life."

- R. P. -
Discovery Bay, CA, USA.

"Please accept my thanks for turning my life around. You have heard it before, but I will say it again. I was utterly astoungded by the number, quality and sincerity of the women from the former Soviet Union countries that responded to me.

I hope to have Irina here in the USA before Christmas 2001. I cannot wait.

When My friends and acquaintances view Irina's photos, they about fall over. What they don't know is that the girl INSIDE is much more attractive than the girl in her photos. To look at her she is gorgeous, but when I got to know the real inner Irina, I was absolutely blown away!

An ordinary CPA from the USA like me would never have found this lady without your help. I can never find adequate words to express the profound gratitude and respect I have for you and your service.

VIP membership - $500.00

Somethings are priceless, for everything else there is Mastercard.

If this helps even one other fellow take the trip, it is well worth my effort to write it!"

- D. T. -
Lakewood, CO, USA

"I purchased a personal listing from A Pretty Woman a few months ago. Since that time I have been very surprised with the number of responses I received to my ad. I was very impressed with the ladies in Russia and the former Soviet Union, as these ladies are very sincere, educated, caring and beautiful women. They exude a wisdom and an attitude to life which is extremely attractive. I was also very impressed with the professionalism of the staff at A Pretty Woman and have no hesitation in recommending their services to anyone."

- M. L. -
Toowoomba, Qld, Australia.

"Dear Shene,

I am replying about your services "a pretty woman" and it is truly a great service. If it wasn't for service, I would not have met Varya who is truly what I have been looking for in life. We have correspond for the past 6 months and each week, I feel closer to her than any other woman that I have met. She does mean everything in my life. We do plan to meet soon and I want make her very happy in the future days we will have together. Keep up the good work.......and thank you!!!!!"

- R. M. -
Madison, WI, USA.

"Dear "A Pretty Women" support team:

I am writing this letter to thank you for the great work and support you have all done for me. I have received more letters from beautiful women than I could have even imagined. I own two companies and have little time to search for that someone to make my life complete. I will not date anyone in my offices and am tired with most American women who ask what kind of car I drive before they ask my name. Not only have I received 100's of letters from your service, but when the one girl I really wanted to talk to sent me a letter with a wrong address you went out of your way to help me find her. I am currently working on a visa for that one girl to come to the United States for a visit and hopefully more. Thank you for going the extra mile and thank you for all the hard work. You can use me for a reference to clients anytime."

- S. H. -
Boise, Idaho, USA

"I want to show how much appreciation you and your staff have accomplished in the job of putting the personal listings to Russian women who are looking for that special man for love, marriage and pursuit of a better and happier life. I would highly recommend this service for those guys out there who are looking for the woman of their dreams.

The responses I have out there are unbelievable. Those beautiful and submissive ladies are dying to communicate with you in hopes of getting your attention. I have a happy dilemma of trying to answer most of the letters, but found it impossible to keep up. I have to be selective in picking out the ladies that suited my lifestyle. I found myself exchanging love letters by email to this one special woman on an almost daily basis. We plan to see each other in her home town of Kharkov in August during our vacation. Again, thank you for lighting up my life!"

-D. K. -
Torrance, California USA

P. S. Yes, I agree that it is a good idea to include the handicap into my testimonial. I've heard that these women are more interested in emotional stability rather than physical disablilties. They are looking for gentle, kind, reliable, loving and family-oriented men.

"I was astounded at the amount and the quality of the responses I received to my listing. Truly phenomenal!! Every one of the women responding met or exceeded my criteria. I had expected a few responses, but I was flooded with letters and inquiries. I have been in contact, both by email letters and personal contact, with several of those women. I am totally indorsing your venue. I think that I will end up with the woman of my dreams shortly. Thanks ever so much for providing a needed avenue of communication. Really, you offer a unique and effective service. I am impressed....

Sincerely yours,"

-D. P. -
Fargo, North Dakota, USA

"I loved your service and I have received hundreds of emails and letters from woman but still I have not found the right girl yet to marry so I am still using your excellent service. I know that through your service I will 100% find a wife. Keep up the excellent job all of you are doing."

- W. M. -
Basking Ridge, New Jersey USA

"My impressions of are that it is a professional and genuine agency, seriously commited to providing a quality service to those of us, both men and women, who are serious about friendship and marriage. At the time of writing, I do not think I have yet met someone special, although I am hopeful that over the next few months, once I have had time to meet some of the girls in person, (you have to realise that there are limits to conducting a romance by letter post or email, I will meet someone special and 'Who Knows?' no more a single guy who spends his time 'surfing the web'!

Be seeing you!"

- G. G. -
BOLTON, United Kingdom

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